Leucocyte: Bubble Shooter Dash

Clean the dangerous cells of the body!

You are a peculiar Leucocyte, and your job is to clean the dangerous bubble cells of the body shooting them with the vaccine until they disappear. But be aware, they will follow you until they are cured!

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At start of Leucocyte: Bubble Shooter Dash, there will be only one type of dangerous orange cells. When you shoot them accurately with the vacune, some of them will drop Diamonds which you can use to get expasions of the game:

• Get different Cell Enemies: you will be able to unlock up to 4 extra enemies, each of them with different move patterns and abilities. Unlock all the cell types to get the full game Leucocyte: Bubble Shooter Dash.

• Get different Power Ups: cleaning a infected body is not a easy job. You can select many power ups in Leucocyte: Bubble Shooter Dash. A shield to avoid the damage, health to get more life, different type of shooting and even a slow-motion bullet time.

How to play to Leucocyte: Bubble Shooter Dash?

• Put your device horizontal. Tilt your smartphone or Tablet to move the Leucocyte, tap to shoot the vacunes to clean the dangerous bubble cells.

Leucocyte: Bubble Shooter Dash works on iPhone, iPad and many Android devices.
Free game developed by Out Of Pixel.



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